New game!

My own little Directory

"Stop the endless scrolling !!!"

I'm placing links here to fullfil every social media "need." Essentially, I thought about what I scroll social media for, and how I can get those things from more direct sources. Avoiding drama, discourse, depressing things anger/doom scrolling etc. This page is for myself mostly, but maybe you can find some use too.

Figure and merch

Nekomagic (ENG)
Figsoku (JPN)
Dengeki (JPN)
Moeyo (JPN)
Still looking for a good site for anime merch that isn't figure focused!
Anime and Manga news

My Anime List (ENG)
Honey's Anime (ENG)
Anime News Network (ENG)


Pixiv (For browsing)
Pixivison (Interviews and tutorials)
Note (I use it for tutorials) (JPN)

Aesthetic, research, mood board, ideas

Taobao (CHI)
Picrew (dress up game site) (JPN)
Neka (dress up game site) (CHI)

Food ideas

Ochikeron (I love her YT Channel)
Kirbie's Cravings
To be honest I am new to viewing blogs for cooking so huge WIP here lol

Video game News

Not a huge gamer so idk which of these are truly good orz
Nintendo News (ENG)
Famitsu (JPN)
Giantbomb (ENG)
Rock Paper Shotgun (ENG)

Japanese content for reading practice

Essentially I want to read sites like ours but in japanese, not sure how useful these are yet tho.
Yahoo Kids