About pikachu

profile pictureLike anyone else, I got swept up in browsing the sites here, I liked reading other people's insights and views on the world. I thought it was interesting and I also miss the days when my hobbies and interests were a bit more obscure, I feel like people similar to me are being pushed away and deemed unacceptable in a place we used to call home. I guess I just needed a place to myself. Expect this to be a bit directionless and unorganized.

I'm a NEET otaku but I'm not a hikkikomori, I only have one or two friends I see in person every month or so but I have a big family. I recently started having enough saved money to buy figures and it's wonderful. I like casual games and turn based rpgs and I'm gaining interest in VNs (you can thank baby's first VN Nekopara for that!) I have a strange love and admiration for otaku culture from the creators to the enjoyers. Shrines, character birthdays, otaku rooms, waifuism, doujins, I find it all interesting and often very fun. A lot of my online friends are geniunely enjoying their favorite things in these ways, it's a passion that I think is hard to look away from.

When it comes to what I enjoy the most, at the moment I generally enjoy anime art the most. I could spend hours and hours browsing Pixiv. Second to that would be figure collecting and manga. I used to watch anime non-stop when I was younger, but I have a hard time focusing on it now, so I tend to prefer reading manga currently. I used to only admire figures, but again I have enough saved to buy them now and my collection is massively growing, I will talk more about that on my Figures and Toys page. When it comes to music, I enjoy anime-japanese-ish stuff, that kind of high energy electronic music with random samples or clips of songs or anime girls talking (Denpa, Kawaii bass, breakcore, happy hardcore, etc.) I like other genres too including Jrock, Hip-hop, rap, and random cool sounds from the internet.

Anyways I rambled about myself enough, here's a comprehensive beginners guide for Learning Nihongo cuteemoji